QR Ordering

Quick, Convenient and Contactless! Give your customers modern ordering system


Get unique QR code for your store

Your customer can simply scan, order and pay for products/services.

If you own a restaurant you can get unique QR code for table

Execution of orders and payments


Contactless and Queue less
Reduce the need of extra man power
Receive and fulfil orders with great efficiency
Always serve your customers with updated/latest menu
Save cost by eliminating the need of printed material/menu
Better customer service

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What is QR code tracking in operations?
A feature to track orders through scanning of unique QR codes.
Why use QR code tracking?
Improves management and customer order tracking.
How does QR code tracking work in D2C e-commerce?
Scanning QR codes allows real-time tracking of product location and status.
What benefits does QR code tracking offer in D2C e-commerce?
Improves accuracy and efficiency in order fulfilment.
Can QR code tracking be integrated with other systems?
Yes, it can be integrated with logistics, and customer order systems.
Is QR code tracking secure for D2C e-commerce businesses?
Yes, QR codes are secure and provide a secure way to track products and customer orders.